A Hyderabad faculty which erected a hoarding on its premises with the “toppers” of Nursery, LKG and UKG classes, has come beneath complaint after a photo of the hoarding went viral on social media.

G Sundar Babu, correspondent of Priya Bharathi High School, but, says that the college changed into best catering to the requests made through the parents. He tells TNM that they’ve been flooded with requires the past days, in most cases abusive ones.

“We had erected the hoarding with a very good cause, at the insistence of the mother and father. We did not recognize that it might take such an unsightly flip and that we would be abused for it,” he says.

According to Babu, the faculty has much less than two hundred students, who more often than not come from underprivileged backgrounds. Babu claims that aside from the hoarding of top rankers, they had erected hoardings of children who had done successfully in other areas as nicely.

“We have fun the fulfillment of all the students similarly, we had erected hoardings approximately sports activities too, however, this one hoarding has been shared selectively to malign us,” he alleges.

While the college may consider that it’s been unfairly focused, the hoarding has opened up the controversy over again on the strain that children are subjected to by means of faculties, mother and father and society at large.

The practice of erecting hoardings to have a good time the fulfillment of toppers has to turn out to be not unusual and Priya Bharathi High School is rarely the most effective academic institution to achieve this. Several colleges and schools inside the town – elite and otherwise – positioned up posters or even post commercials in newspapers about the achievement of their students in examinations. So a whole lot so that it has emerged as a parental aspiration slicing throughout social lessons.

Sowjanya, a parent whose toddler goes to Priya Bharathi High School, confirms that the college had certainly positioned up the hoarding handiest after requests made by the parent frame.

“Yes, it becomes we who insisted on the hoarding. When Class 10 toppers are celebrated with hoardings publicizing their success, what is wrong in our kids getting comparable reputation?” she asks.

Sowjanya further adds that the faculty has been wearing out the exercise for the past three years.

However, the rate of social validation can be heavy. Speaking approximately the trend, Padmaja Shaw, academician and journalist say, “It is a perverse fashion, and the mother and father are accountable for such matters. At a younger age, children are taught to aggressively compete, rather than teaching them the fundamental values of sharing and respecting each different.”

She factors out that such conditioning may even result in suicides, whilst young humans are unable to stay up to society’s expectancies.

“At an early age, youngsters create their personal self-photograph which has been conditioned with the aid of dad and mom and others. When their image does now not match with their destiny talents, they’re driven into depression and even suicide,” she says.

In April this 12 months, just more than one month earlier than the arguable hoarding turned into erected, 22 students in Telangana killed themselves after the Intermediate effects had been announced.

“Kids are delivered to a vague concept of what’s fulfillment and what’s failure with the aid of dad and mom. What dad and mom are doing is nothing but exploitation. What they couldn’t achieve, they want their youngsters to gain it for them,” says Padmaja.

Sharmila, a teacher at Lab School, an idea faculty in Hyderabad which doesn’t inspire any form of competition amongst students until the age of eight years, says, “Until the age of eight, children are extraordinarily inclined. So we don’t make any comparisons with other students. We don’t pressure them, and the motivation is likewise oblique.”

The Lab School is administered via the Durgabai Deshmukh Trust and was set up with the intention of instructing the underprivileged for a nominal fee. The college has lessons up to Class four.

Noting that comparisons at a young age can mentally disturb children, Sharmila says, “A healthy environment wherein they could discover their own hobbies and capabilities must be created.”

After going through extreme flak, the correspondent of Priya Bharathi High School has determined to drag down the hoarding and avoid the exercise in the future. But the query stays – will different instructional establishments follow healthily?

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